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Loft-It Storage Lift System


Why waste space, or worse, have to give up something you really love because you just don't have enough storage room?

The Loft-It Storage Lift System is the ideal solution for seasonal exchange of your yard and recreational vehicles...or for when you just want more room.

With a lifting capacity of up to 1,200 pounds and a deck size of 4'X8', Loft-It is strong enough and large enough to hold a full size motorcycle! Fully motorized, Loft-It is as easy to raise as inserting the security key and turning the switch.

The end of clutter has arrived...the Loft-It can organize your life and save you room!



Loft-It Storage Lift System Products

Deluxe Storage Lift System

Standard Loft-It Features
Platform size of 4’ x 8’
Lifting capacity of 1200 lbs.
Extremely safe and secure
Can’t overload - The Loft-It system will not raise if the weight limit is exceeded
Motor in the base of the unit
Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum
Stainless Steel lifting cables
Locked with a key-controlled switch
Designed to last
One-year Limited Warranty
Stores flat against wall
Black anodized frame
Heavy duty PVC diamond plate flooring
Slat wall backing


Please call our Order Desk at - 780-433-5721 - for product pricing and current promotions






Chopper Extension Platform
Chopper Extension Platform for oversized bikes.



Loading Ramp
Loft-It Loading Ramp for easy loading of large items.




Extension Frame
Loft-It Extension Frame allows oversized items like snowmobiles. Also needed along with Chopper Extension Platform.

Please call our Order Desk at - 780-433-5721 - for product pricing and current promotions

Loft-It Storage Lift System FAQ

  1. Question: How much weight can the Loft-It lift?

    Answer: It is calibrated to lift 1200 pounds.

  2. Question: Where is the motor?

    Answer: The motor is located in the floor of the base frame.

  3. Question: Do you have to reinforce your garage wall to support the weight?

    Answer: No extra reinforcing is necessary! The force is distributed 80 percent to the floor and 20 percent outward from the wall. That gives a maximum of 250-300 pounds outward pull on the wall.

  4. Question: How is the Loft-It installed?

    Answer: The lift can be installed by you or by an experienced contractor. Detailed installation instructions are included with each Loft-It.

  5. Question: How much is the shipping cost?

    Answer: Of course it depends on the destination. The cost to ship to either coast is around $200 with residential delivery. The total shipping weight is 295 pounds. Call for exact quote.

  6. Question: How do you get the motorcycle on the Loft-It?

    Answer: The diagonal end supports tip forward when the platform is lowered to the floor to provide easy on and off loading.

  7. Question: How high of a ceiling is needed to make the Loft-It work?

    Answer: The wall tracks come 10-feet long. If your ceiling is not 10-feet high or more, you can cut off the tracks at the height desired. At the 10-foot height, the platform of the Loft-It will raise to 6 feet off the floor.

  8. Question: Do we make larger or smaller sizes of the Loft-It?

    Answer: Not at this time.

  9. Question: What is the drive mechanism that lifts the Loft-It?

    Answer: The platform is raised by twin stainless steel cables connected to a motorized screw drive.

  10. Question: What prevents the Loft-It from lowering by itself over time or does it have to be locked?

    Answer: The screw drive and the electric motor prevent the platform from lowering. Unlike hydraulic or air lifts that can lose pressure over time, the Loft-It will not sink onto your vehicle or onto other items that you have stored below the platform.

  11. Question: What happens if the motor stops working?

    Answer: The motor can be removed or replaced while the Loft-It is fully loaded. The Loft-It will not even self lower with the motor removed.

  12. Question: How do you prevent unauthorized raising or lowering of the Loft-It?

    Answer: You must insert the key in the switchbox to raise or lower. You have to turn the key and hold to raise or lower to the desired height. When you let go of the key the motor stops.

  13. Question: What is the warranty?

    Answer: The unit comes with a one year limited warranty.

  14. Question: How heavy is the Loft-It?

    Answer: The Loft-It weights 242 pounds. The boxed shipping weight is 295 pounds.

  15. Question: Can you raise the unit only part way or do you have to totally raise or lower the unit?

    Answer: You can stop the unit at any height. Loft-It works great for a workbench.

  16. Question: How much electrical power does the Loft-It use?

    Answer: Under full load, the Loft-It draws less than 4 amps from a standard 115 volt outlet.

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